I’m in 3rd year now I medical school. Have hit a lot of bumps and downs from the path I took since day I posted the previous post. And all I have to say is I have underestimated myself on many occasions. I never thought I’ll be writing this today being happy with all the problems I have.

But the funny thing is I am happy in a very satisfied peaceful way. Even though I have a lot to be worry about, I have a ton of things I can be thankful for.

And come to think of it, most of my friends/classmates are going through same problems I am going through, maybe even worse. But some people decided to be happy/peaceful. I respect those people!

It’s a new semester and I want to be better than who I was last semester. And I will by actively participating in acquiring good habits.

Remember happiness or peace is a choice!

P.S. I took this picture while I was in vacation in Sri Lanka this winter. Just before I came back to china last week.


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