Finding Peace within yourself!


What a wonderful feeling!

I have been back in china for two weeks now. I have settled down by now.And I have to say I am feeling way better than I expected my self to be.

I’ve been watching a lot of meditation talks in TED. And it changed my thinking pattern to see the world in a whole different perspective. I recommend that meditation is something everybody should practice everyday.

Meditation gives you the connection to the silence of the world. It helps you find your inner peace.

Finding my inner peace lead me through many paths directing me to a life full of purpose.

It gives a means of acceptance. Accepting good is easy. But the bad… um not so much. Whatever good or bad we have to accept it. Because the alternative is we live in the past being unhappy thinking it could have been different.

We can’t control the circumstances. We can’t control people. We can’t expect anything from anyone. You have to accept that.

We shouldn’t be angry at our mistakes. We have to accept the fact that making mistakes is mean of learning.

We have to be able to be comfortable being alone. How do you do it? Be satisfied for who you are. Stop comparing yourself to others. You are a unique person. Your path is different from a another person.

All these stuff can be achieved by simple meditation.

Meditation simply means keeping your mind in one place, At one thought. Rather than letting it drift miles away in light speed.


There are standard techniques of meditation but we can simply practice it even with our daily activities.

Traveling by a bus? Close your eyes and try to focus on your breathing, Let the peace flow through your body rather than letting your mind over the magazine of the person next to you. Having a bad day? Stop for second and focus on positive thoughts. Let them flow through your brain and clean your mind. Someone did you bad? Close your eyes and bless everybody, Wish that good thing will happen to your friends and even for your enemies!

This will build your confidence, Attraction, push a full stop on over analyzing situations and even make you extremely healthy and happy!




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