Achievement #1

I watched the TEDx video “How to stop screwing yourself over”.

It was really motivating.


In the end there was this ‘5 second  rule‘ where you have to do anything (any idea) that comes into to your mind before 5 seconds pass.  Because if you do you’ll  pull ‘the brakes’ on it.

Since the beginning of the vacation I was suppose to make a phone call to an old work friend. I really wanted to call my him but things were pretty awkward between us. So I was procrastinating making the phone call to avoid getting into an awkward conversation.

I was stressing myself a lot because I know I have to get use to making decisions that will help my future all though I don’t want to.

Today I implemented the 5 second rule and I am really happy. The conversation went very nicely. No awkwardness at all. It was not easy but I feel like I have grown a bit. Even though it is not so big, small achievements can have a greater impact in your life.

P.S. not to be confused with the 5 second rule where you drop your food and its is OK to eat it before 5 seconds pass. LOL I’m very much surprised by hearing this. 😀


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