Searching for motivation when you lose it

Motivation is the hardest thing to find when you fall and feel lost. But it is the only remedy. 

You got to get it somehow. It feels like it will never be found.  Especially in times like that. But you have got to stick and keep going, searching for it. You will find it.

When you are alone it is easy for negative thoughts to surround and darken your sky. The more you think negatively more the darker it will get. The light which will show you the way is the motivation.

Think of your vision. Where you need to be. Are you living the life you want to live? or are you living someoene else’s life?

Your adversities are not your weakness’. It can be your strength.

And for your weakness, work out a plan to improve them. Think of a person learning to ride a bicycle for the first time. At first he will think of every little detail, question his actions unnecessarily.  But eventually with practice he will get better at it; he will ride the bicycle doing most of the actions subconsciously. 

Everything you seem not to have.. work your way towards them. One step at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You’ll get there.

It’s easy to get used to have Assurance that our tasks are headed in the right direction.  Don’t be like this.  Have some faith that it is gonna work. Don’t depend on others for your motivation. 

It takes a million bricks to build a large building. And the bricks should be layed one by one. Little by little the building will rise. 

Stop over thinking and start laying those bricks now! 


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