Resolving problems #1

I decided to sum up all my issues of the day and work it out. Whats the best place to do that except in my wordpress blog. 😀

  1. So in general my biggest problem is I question everything I do. This comes with extreme lack of confidence.
  2. I live in the fear that I will not get a chance again. So I get nervous. I’m nervous even in simple family conversations.
  3. I live most of the time at home in my room. It’s not that I don’t like to going out. But I don’t like me getting too comfortable with it. It gets in the way of socializing. Since I get annoyed in crowds.
  4. I get annoyed with certain simple thing and it quickly changes my mood.

Looking back I know I have come a long way. I was this person who was so shy to talk to people. But now I am not. I did resolve them along the way. So I know I am more than capable to resolve these issues.

What am I going to do about it?

Be confident with everything I do. Even though I might not know whether it is the right thing or wrong thing to do.

Stop overthinking and start living in the moment, Instead of worrying about the future. Be glad with what I’ve got. Practice gratitude.

Hangout outside my comfort zones. Engaging actively in conversations. Even though I am slightly annoyed by it. I want to make it my habit.

Play some music when I am annoyed and give my best to get myself to a good mood.



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