Acceptance.. :)


Imagine a situation where person ‘A’ and ‘B’ faces the same issue. A close member of the family dies. ‘A’ will cry and get depressed wishing it didn’t happen and will try to change it. ‘B’ feels sad but accepts the things and move on with life. Both of them are offered an interview for the same job. ‘B’ gets the job and be successful one day. While ‘A’ loses a lot of opportunities and faces suspension.

Accepting who we are and our capacities is very important.  When we encounter issues we either give up or try to change it. Giving up is of course the worst thing we could do. Trying to change is good but we all know lot of things are out of our control.

So trying to change something out of our control will cause a lot of stress, anxiety, loss of self-confidence and not being able to deal with the issue.

Instead of trying to change things, if we accept the them as it is we will find peace with in ourselves.

Acceptance does play a big role on our relationships. Accepting the qualities which we don’t like in our friends, family members, our partners help us to be happy with them; have more connections with people than it being limited by the boundaries of our liking.

I accept my shyness. I accept my inability to express myself verbally adequately. I accept being alone. (lol I’m not alone every time, but I do have that phobia) I accept all my disabilities and insecurities. But I will give my best shot to turn the tables.

Everyone on this earth have been or will be with a mess of issues. That is the ugly truth. Dealing with them obviously will cause a lot of energy. It will never be easy. But it will be easier for us if we accept the life chosen for us.

Just because we accept the issues doesn’t mean they will go away immediately. But the issues will stop dominating us. They will stop crippling us. They will stop affecting our lives. We will be able to deal with the issue with a clear mind.

When the storms come Acceptance will be our little umbrella!




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