Letting it go!

So today was a good day!

I went to my mother’s workplace to help her with her work. My mom work with healthcare professionals. So I got to meet them.

While meeting them I came to a realization which surprised me in a weird way. I have forgotten the main reason i chose  medicine.

I chose medicine to help people, gain wealth but on top of all be successful. I wanted to be a true leader.

Looking back through the year and a half I spent in med school, now i know it wasn’t a waste at all. I somehow managed to be successful. I was selected to the student union and then later i was the president of the separate section of it.

But I always was complaining about the silly little things I didn’t have. I wasn’t the most outgoing person. I enjoy my company being alone.  But i was complaining that i had lack of friends. I was complaining a lot even about other silly little small things.

If i just let things go for a change i would have been happier and lived my life better. This will increase the chances of what ever i am doing to be right. Hence another small step toward success.

No ones perfect in this life. We have to accept ourselves.

And top of all there is a lot of things which are out of our control. We just have to accept things. and let it go.

Suddenly you will find your self free like the wings of a butterfly!


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