Vaca time! Happiness!

So it’s our winter vacation now so I’m back at home.

Feeling blessed to be here and have a very happy family.

Feeling relaxed, spending the day in the beach. 🙂

Sometimes we automatically get sucked in to the black hole of negativity, we forget what that we have so much to be happy for. We just focus on the things we don’t have and choose to be unhappy.

This have two negative effects.

  1. We become unhappy no matter what best we get
  2. We lose the things we already have

So from today onward I’m choosing to focus on the things I’ve got and be happy with them because there are people in this world who got lesser but happier than me.

Wealth, Love, Power doesn’t define happiness. Happiness only relies on your attitude and your personality.  No matter how much you get if you are not satisfied with your self and expect more, you will never be happy.

You just have to have extreme gratitude for everything you got and suddenly you are happy.

Just like that!!


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